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Cinque Terre The Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering (EEE) at Primeasia University started its program in 2006. The bachelor’s program in Electrical and Electronic Engineering consists of 147.5 credits of which 6 credits for language courses, 18 credits for GED courses, 33 credits for general sciences, 72.5 credits for core courses and 18 credits for majors which is approved by the UGC.

The Department of EEE offers its students to pursue intellectual curiosity and to enrich their inherent potential with knowledge and skills amid care and wonderful academic environment provided by experienced faculties, support staff and laboratory personals. Here the students get the opportunity to become more innovative and confident by meeting the best minds and engaging in forefront and advanced research under close supervision of faculty members and technical staff along with fully equipped laboratories.

Features of EEE at Primeasia University:

  • • Fully furnished air conditioned classrooms with modern facilities
  • • State of art laboratory facilities
  • • Central library with wide collection of books
  • • Qualified and experienced faculty members
  • • Technology and job market oriented education
  • • Well-suited and soothing environment for students
  • • Available laboratory facilities:
    1. o Electrical Circuit I and II Laboratory
    2. o Digital Electronics Laboratory
    3. o Simulation Laboratory
    4. o Telecommunication Laboratory
    5. o Energy Conversion Laboratory
    6. o Control System Laboratory
    7. o Microprocessor and Interfacing Laboratory
    8. o Power System and Switchgear Laboratory
    9. o General Purpose Computer Laboratory
  • • Available Research facilities:
    1. o Electrical Power
    2. o Renewable Energy
    3. o Smart Grid
    4. o Telecommunication
    5. o Materials and Devices
    6. o Power Electronics
    7. o Biomedical Engineering
  • • Extra-curricular activities like orientations, seminars, cultural programs etc.
  • • Career counseling for higher study and jobs
  • • Internship and industrial visit
  • • Special waiver facility
  • • Friday classes for diploma students with special waiver
  • • Health insurance support for students