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Digital and Power Electronics Laboratory

Digital and Power Electronics Laboratory

The digital electronics laboratory comprises of trainer board, power supply, function generator, oscilloscope, analog and digital IC and passive elements like resistor, capacitor and inductor. The experiments related to design, construction, testing, and evaluation of digital systems, logic gates, counters, registers, multiplexers, de-multiplexers, PLA and others in order to build sequential and combinational circuit including complex programmable logic devices and field-programmable gate arrays are performed in this laboratory. The students can build-up projects on digital control system and digital logic design the laboratory provides ample of opportunity of doing research related to digital system.

The laboratory includes modules and experimental kits of power electronic devices in order to do experiments related to power electronics. The characteristic and application of power diode and BJT, thyristor, GTO, IGBT, UJT and power MOSFET can be experimented in this laboratory. Moreover the experiments related to application of power electronics like inverter, converter, chopper, switch mode power supply, motor speed control are also conducted in the laboratory. The laboratory provides simulation software so that students can simulate and analyze the designed circuit. The research facilities related to power electronics are available in this laboratory for both faculty members and students.