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The laboratory experience is an indispensable part of the educational process and a key factor in preparing students for practical field of engineering. In order to foster practical knowledge in students, the Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering (EEE) of the Primeasia University operates 13 laboratories within its premises. All the laboratories are equipped with state of art laboratory equipments and facilities that provide hands-on practice for students. Furthermore, the laboratories also equipped with advanced prototype equipments and experimental setup so that both faculty members and students can engage in research and innovation. Experienced laboratory instructors and assistants are always available to give help and support to students in experiments and projects. Moreover, students can access the laboratories outside the regular laboratory classes in safe and secure environment for experimentation.

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Our Laboratory

Electrical Circuit I & II Lab

The electric circuit laboratory is essential for all engineering students who cover the topic of electric circuit in their study. The laboratory is equipped with several trainer boards...

Digital Electronics Lab

The digital electronics laboratory comprises of trainer board, power supply, function generator, oscilloscope, analog and digital IC and passive elements like resistor, capacitor and inductor.

Simulation Lab

The aim of this laboratory is to provide simulations facilities to students in order to meet their requirements for visualization and experimentation of designed circuit without experimental setup.

Microprocessor & Interfacing Lab

This laboratory is established with 8086 microprocessor trainer kit, memory and interface ICs and devices. The experiments related to microprocessor and pc based dc stepper motor controls...

Telecommunication Lab

The telecommunication laboratory provides the students with a hands-on experience on several aspects of analog and digital communications.Telecommunication laboratory facilitates...

Power System & Switch Gear Lab

TThe laboratory will be equipped with power system protection experiment kit and cubical. The identification of characteristics and operation of protection schemes like fuse, CT (current transformer)...

Control System Lab

The Control Systems Laboratory in the Department of EEE contains a variety of laboratory equipment used in design and experimentation of analog and digital electromechanical feedback control systems...

Power System Protection Lab

The power system laboratory will be equipped with both experiment kit and software. The experiment related to power system operation, load flow analysis, fault calculation and fault analysis...

Energy Conversion Lab

This lab contains dc machines, transformers, induction motors and synchronous alternators with power supplies and measuring equipment to build experimental setups to demonstrate the performance ...

Computer Lab

The general purpose computer laboratory is used for practical classes of computer programming related courses. The student can also use this laboratory for practicing programming ...

Future Expansions

Since the motto of the Primeasia University is to provide quality education at reasonable cost therefore with the cordial logistic and financial assistance of higher authority the EEE department is continuously reviewing, updating and developing its laboratory facilities in accordance with the continuous changing technology and demand of job market. The following is a list of planned expansions of university laboratories in the near future:

  • Upgrading the Electrical Circuit laboratory.
  • Modernization of the Microprocessor and Microcontroller laboratory.
  • Establishing new laboratories for Power System and Power System Protection.
  • Developing a new laboratory for Power and Industrial Electronics.
  • Inauguration of PLC, FPGA, DSP and Microcontroller based test bench and automation laboratory.